Boy Oh Bella!

Boy Oh Bella!

Artist and photographer Bella Newman takes our menswear for a test drive—and opens up in our quintessential HG 20 questionnaire. 

HG 20
HG 20
Photographed and Styled by Bella Newman


Bella Newman has always loved men's clothing. As a photographer, she finds immense value in comfort, which menswear helps her achieve: I associate it with the freedom to move and it was intro-ed into my life out of necessity. The pieces become staples because they’re coincidental.” We sent her a package full of our new fall HG tailoring pieces to test drive, and the resulting images capture a sense of style that’s at once classic and rebellious—clearly her ideal sweet spot. “My Hommegirl hero? Marlene Dietrich <3”



Isabella Mai Newman


Hommegirls Cashmere Sweater


Where are you from or A/S/L?

I am from central Pennsylvania or “Pennsyltucky”





Who do you call the most?

My mom and my agent


Friends can usually find you:

They say I’m hard to find 


Favorite meal

Some sort of stew over polenta, tacos 


Hommegirls Wool Overcoat


Fake life or real life?

They’re the same thing


Favorite T-shirt

This t-shirt I just bought with a wizard riding a unicorn in a terrycloth material


Sneaker of choice

My New Balances that I had to buy for an ankle injury that I procured by running away from a dinosaur in Lancaster 


Hommegirls Bikini Briefs


Things you’ve collected

Steiff teddy bears, animal fibers


Best ever outfit

My best of this week was… a camo mossy oak tank I got at the dollar general, with silk Bergdorf brand trousers. In the day I wore it with men’s pink pinstripe boxers.


Your scent

My aromatic energy right now is that my body odor smells like the food of the hotel I’ve been at for over three weeks mixed with a little bit of rose water


What vintage pieces are you into right now?

Veils that buckle under the chin

Hommegirls Original Blazer and Hommegirls Logo Waistband pants


You love...

Niche Facebook groups


Who inspires you?

Myself on a good day


What do you dream about?

Murder, human-animal hybrids, mass pest invasions

Hommegirls Stripe Crop Shirt and Hommegirls Bikini Briefs


What does the word WEIRD mean to you in 2 words?

Most People


Can’t stop listening to...



Favorite spot in NY right now

Aeon, Dashwood, Mast, Printed Matter, Film Forum, Syndicated