Solo and steady

Photographer Vanina Sorrenti turns the camera on herself and shows us that in this me-me-me era, the most compelling selfies take an assured hand—and a razor-sharp focus on personal style.
Photographed by Vanina Sorrenti | Styled by Laura Ferrara

On Vanina: POLO RALPH LAUREN sweater, ARMANI jeans, 45RPM shirt, RED WING boots, PENTAX camera.

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POLO RALPH LAUREN men’s suede jacket, her own sweatshirt, jeans, and belt. RRL bracelet, NEPTUNE JEWELS, DE VERA, and LOSSELLIANI rings (worn throughout)

POLO RALPH LAUREN blazer, her own LEVI’S jeans, belt, flats, and TARA TURNER necklace (worn throughout).

Like mother, like daughter. On Lennon Buchet Sorrenti: ACNE STUDIOS men’s jacket and RAF SIMONS men’s trousers.

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Her own UMII 908 shirt, LEVI’s jeans, and belt.

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KINGSMAN corduroy blazer, 45RPM shirt, LEVI’S jeans, and LANVIN ballerina flats.


Her own CURTIS AND THE HEARTBREAKERS blazer, CHARVET men’s shirt, LEVI’S jeans, and leather belt.

ACNE STUDIOS men’s jacket, DRAKE’S men’s trousers.

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