HG Takes on ALD

HG Takes on ALD

HommeGirls Tara and Alici raid the men's department — the Aimé Leon Dore way. Olivia Ghantous checks in with them via HG DM.

The HG Edit
The HG Edit
Photography Ricky Alvarez
Styling Miyako Bellizzi
Interviews by Olivia Ghantous
Clothing by Aimé Leon Dore
Two NYC creatives, Tara and Alici, give us their menswear edit with a little help from Aimé Leon Dore. 

Tara Raani

You know her from the hit series Grown-ish or from the latest Burberry show that she opened. The model, actress, writer, and newly-anointed HommeGirl lets us in on her style inspiration, family heirlooms, and vintage gems over Instagram DM.  

HG: Let’s start off with your Menswear must-have..

TR: Collared shirts and enormous pants

HG: We love. Can you describe your style in 3 words?

TR: Different character everyDAY

HG: Your style icon?

TR: Andre 3000

HG: Period. Andre 3000 knows how to dress

So on the topic of music, what’s your theme song?

TR: Aigiri Nandini stotram - a Hindu hymn about women warriors

HG: Do you listen to a lot of Hindu music?

TR: Not really tbf. I just found that stotram when I really needed it.

HG: What would you say is your proudest moment so far?

TR: Phew tough one! I’m v v v proud of myself. I’d say booking Grown-ish from an open call

HG: Yeah that’s soo major. What is filming grown-ish like?

TR: It’s been magical. Everyone on set is so deeply caring and talented. I’ve met the most special and rare people who’ve helped me grow as a performer and person. And ofc I love the clothes 🧚🏽

HG: The ALD pics came out so good

The balaclava fit 😭😭

TR: I love them sm. I literally bought a plain white button down and also started wearing a scarf over the hat cuz of the shoot

HG: What was the first thing you bought that made you excited about fashion? Do you remember?

TR: I got a pair of Y/Project jeans at a consignment store in a random town in my home state Minnesota

HG: I bet the vintage shopping is so good in Minnesota

TR: Yeah bc the fashion hoes don’t live there and take everything good 💀💀💀💀💀💀

HG: LITERALLY. Fav vintage shop in NYC?

TR: Tokio 7

HG: Ah that’s right near my apt .. so dangerous for my wallet

TR: 😭

HG: What’s your beauty-must have?

TR: Carmex


Fenty lip gloss when I’m feeling fruity

HG: What’s on your nightstand?

TR: Jewelry, some new and some old Indian pieces. A porcelain tiger. Night snacks & water

HG: Oooo is some your jewelry passed on from family?

TR: Yes! some small pieces but my mom keeps all the good stuff in the safe 😒

HG: Aw amazing. Thanks for chatting Tara 💖💖

TR: 💚💚 So excited ty for having meeee


Alici Sol

Brazilian musician Alici Sol is giving Bossa Nova beats a new-gen spin. She's got an angelic voice with a killer mug. Here's her take on menswear, music and more:

HG: What’s your style in 3 words

AS: Hmm minimal, chic, & free. Sorry for slow response been thinking hahaha

HG: Lol no worries!

Your style icon?

AS: I used to have a lot of style icons, and look for a lot of inspiration in other people for how to dress, but then found i never felt comfortable in how i looked. Now i wouldn't say i have a style icon and the way i dress really comes from how i feel that day

HG: Ooo I like that take

What abouttt… the first thing you bought that made you excited about fashion?

AS: hmmmm

I don't think it was the first thing, but i was always on the hunt for a long leather jacket - i found one on the street here in ny and since then i felt a huge change in my style. 

HG: A Leather jacket is a Hommegirls essential

We just made an HG leather bomber & all the girlies are loving

AS: Oh so nice imma check it out

HG: Onto some fun questions

What’s your theme song?

AS: Kiss of Life by Sade 🖤🖤 

I always play this song at all my shows and have a cover of it on Spotify. best song to uplift my spirits

HG: Wowow perf answer

Sade is mother


How long have you been performing for?

AS: mother !!!!

3 years now! Love preforming

HG: What would you say your proudest moment has been so far?

AS: This is so hard !! ahh

Currently recording my debut album, i feel very proud of it! we recorded in the studio one takes with the full band. I'm so excited to release it and been showing it proudly to a lot of cool people in the industry:)

HG: !!!!! So so cool

Can’t wait to listen

AS: 🥰

HG: Who are your dream collaborators in the industry?

AS: ooooooo

Crazy question lemme see

My dream client is Prada, i love the archive prada its my favorite brand to wear. 

HG: What about dream collaborators in the music space?

AS: Music I would love to go on tour… don't know exactly with who but I'm sure things will happen naturally. 

A lot of my legends and musical dream collaborators are either dead or very old, Gal Costa, Caetano veloso… 

But i also have a dream to collab with Dean Blunt at some point in my life

HG: What’s on your nightstand?

AS: ouu! My nightstand is actually a beautifully carved wooden chair gifted to me by a friend! I have a muji tray on it with Candles, this nice chapstick from France, Flower clips and tea:)

HG: Do you have a beauty must-have?

AS: Lesse Sunscreen :)

HG: Fav city? + where you are dying to visit

AS: New York! Or Rio

Dying to visit morroco! dream for me

HG: Ah Morroco is insane

Thank YOU Alici 💖💖💖

Your ALD pics are stunn xx

AS: Thank YOU!!!!

Appreciate it and glad you asked:)


December 2023
Makeup Sena Murahashi
Hair Kabuto Okuzawa
Casting Blair Broll for GK-LD
Production Starkman & Associates