In the south of France, the sun is always hot—and the HommeGirls are always cool.

Volume 6
Volume 6




On Alia Mazouz, Art Director: Pareo skirt and cloche hat.


My name is Alia, I was born in Paris and I currently live in Paris. I am of Algerian origin by both my parents. I am artistic director of the restaurant Derrière and the bar Andy Wahloo in Paris. 

What is your favorite piece of menswear that you own?

"The tuxedo is by far my favorite piece. I like men’s tuxedos worn by women."




Cashmere pullover. Stylist's own vintage patchwork jeans.

On Nawal Plocoste, Student: Calfskin and strass belts.


I am Nawal Plocoste. I’m studying cinema production, I was born and I live in Gonesse, which is 30 minutes away from Paris. 

Who have been some of your style influences?

"When I was a teenager one of my favorite movie was Bend it like Beckham. I really liked how Parminder Nagra and Keira Knightley dressed. So I would sneak into my older brothers’s closets to pick some shorts and hoodies."

Cotton pullover and top.


On Alexia Fiasco, Photographer, Art Collective Founder & Social Worker: Cotton tank top. Model's own wide leg pants.


I’m Alexia Fiasco, I’m 31 years old, I’m a photographer and the co-founder of the art collectif Filles de blédards which is a slang for "daughter of immigrant”; and I’m a full time social worker in the north of the Parisian suburbs and it’s what I call home and where I’m from. 

Possessions that make you feel powerful?

"I think the two things I have for years and never change are my platform shoes and my large earring. Anytime I broke one of them I would buy the same kind of again. I definitely used to feel way less powerful without them."



I am Mariam, a cis woman, French-Moroccan from a small town, 32 y/o. Home is where I chose to feel right and legit : Marseille since 8 years. 

Who have been some of your style influences?

"I love Melody Ehsani’s work. I could be an L.A. girl I think (I dream!). But I am also
punk and I love Vivienne Westwood since I was reading Nana in the 2000’s."