Cast + Crew

Cast + Crew

Preppy, but make it personal. A new generation puts its own spin on some American classics.

Volume 9
Volume 9
Photography Donovan Smallwood
Styling Marcus Allen
All clothing by J.Crew, sourced vintage, unless otherwise noted.

On Grey: Puff-sleeve top; LEVI’S vintage 501 jeans; model’s own boots.

On Alici: Linen vest; HOMMEGIRLS x J.CREW distressed mid-rise slouchy jeans; stylist’s own vintage T-shirt; SAINT CHRISTOPHER necklace.

On Kim: HOMMEGIRLS x J.CREW reworked cotton poplin shirt and Italian leather braided belt.

On Marie: HOMMEGIRLS x J.CREW distressed classic poplin shirt and pleated striped skirt; stylist’s own hoodie.

On Alici: Distressed blazer, cargo shorts and double strap sandals; HOMMEGIRLS x J.CREW reworked boatneck shirt; THE SOCK MAN ribbed socks; THE SOCIETY ARCHIVE wood, glass & bead necklace.

On Alvina: Scalloped tuxedo shirt; THE QUALITY MENDING CO. vintage T-shirt and pants; model’s own shoes.

On Grey: Gwyneth slip dress; stylist’s own jacket and boots.

On Marie: Lightweight bomber jacket and vintage denim skirt; PUMA sneakers.

On Kim: Oarsmen sweatshirt, vintage rugby shirt; HOMMEGIRLS x J.CREW reworked cut-off khakis.


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Makeup Rose Grace
Hair Kazu Katahira 
Casting Blair Broll for GK-LD
Production Starkman & Associates