Tokyo Heart   break

Tokyo Heart break

You can put her in a veil, but Kiko Mizuhara will not be pinned down.

Volume 9
Volume 9

Photography Monika Mogi 
Styling Spencer Singer 
Makeup & Hair Sakie Miura
Interview Nicolaia Rips 


Kiko Mizuhara is the It-Girl’s It Girl. Since she came on the scene at 17, the Japanese beauty has made a name for herself as an actress (she starred in the adaptation of the Haruki Murakami novel Norwegian Wood), designer (her brand Office Kiko is avail-able on SSENSE and HEAVN) and model (she was Dior’s first Asian Ambassador). She’s never been afraid to speak up against toxic industry practices, working to make the entertainment industry a better place for everyone. Her distinct style is also a major inspiration—a girly beachy vibe that matches her down-to-earth personality. We talked to Kiko about her new lifestyle brand Kiiks, matching your tea to your mood, leaving Japan, and other ways to be happy.

“I’m always trying to find a good tea for my mood.”

On Kiko: COMME DES GARÇONS GIRL vest and skirt; VIVIENNE WESTWOOD vintage veil; stylist’s own tights, and headphones; MANOLO BLAHNIK shoes.

Nicolaia Rips: Tell me about Office Kiko and Kiiks…

Kiko Mizuhara: OK wasn’t even a brand at the beginning! I model and act but also, I love fashion and art. So, I just wanted to make a place to collaborate with artists and do something fun and throw parties.It’s a place for me to express my creativity and make clothes I want to wear. It’s a place to do something fun. Kiiks is the new brand that I’m starting. I’m really excited about it! We’re making tea and skincare. I found this factory in Kagoshima which is a southern island of Japan. They grow all their ingredients in the mountains. It’s 100% organic. I guess, I’m just trying to make stuff that makes your life a little more beautiful. I’m turning thirty-three this year. In my twenties I was super busy and not really taking care of myself. I was traveling around, just experiencing things. During COVID I spent a lot of time in my house and realized I needed to appreciate nature and, you know, appreciate just having a tea for myself. It’s such a tiny thing but it really makes your life happier. So, I’m trying to make a brand that will make people happy.

Aki: Stylist’s own blazer and jeans; DIOR HOMME vintage T-shirt courtesy of Mahna Mahna Tokyo; SUPREME x DR. MARTENS shoes.

NR: What’s your favorite type of tea?

KM: Sage tea. It’s actually really rare to find a good sage tea. The sage tea that my factory makes is incredibly good. It blew my mind. I’ve been sending it to all my friends. But also, my favorite Chinese tea is silver needle tea. It’s famous in Yunnan. It’s just so hard to find. I have a lot of tea and I just choose my favorite tea, the tea that I want to drink, based on my mood. I’m always trying to find a good tea for my mood

ANS DOTSLOEVNER shirt and rose bra; VIVIENNE WESTWOOD vintage veil.

NR: With all the projects you do, how do you decide what you want to focus on?

KM: It’s changed a lot. When I was in my twenties I didn’t think that time was limited. After COVID, I realized, oh, actually, time is limited and I must focus on what I want to do. I did this Netflix movie called Ride or Die and I had a really really really horrible experience with that movie. It was traumatizing. With acting you dedicate your time for months and really have focus on a character and a story. It can be draining. The director was not really communicating with me. I was like, Why am I doing this? It was such a hard role and I was like, “I don’t trust anybody on the set.” I’m kind of damaging myself. It was a big wake up call. After I was like, okay, I’m gonna use

ANS DOTSLOEVNER top and rose bra; NOIR KEI NINOMIYA tulle dress; stylist’s own tights and bracelet; YVES SAINT LAURENT vintage shoes courtesy of Mahna Mahna Tokyo.

It was hard for me to say no at first, but I decided to be strong and protect myself. It changed my life. I’m really happy where I’m at now. I’m really happy about my projects and OK and Kiiks. I shot this movie last year. The director Sayaka Kai is an upcoming director in Japan. I really like her films and it was an amazing experience to work with her! I think you have to have love for each project that you do. It’s hard but I try my best to have love with everything I do.

JENNYFAX top; MIU MIU skirt, briefs, and belt; VIVIENNE WESTWOOD vintage veil; I need in my life.Hstylist’s own tights; YVES SAINT LAURENT vintage shoes courtesy of Mahna Mahna Tokyo.

NR: I hear you’re moving to LA. Are you nervous?

KM: I’m so excited. I’m trying to find a house. I’m ready to move. Japan is nice, there’s so much nature and people are so great, and restaurants are open 24 hours, it’s convenient, I love Japan but I think I kind of hita wall. There are a lot of interesting people I want to collaborate with, and life only happens once. I’m half American actually! I was born in Dallas which is so random. I’m interested to see how I feel living in America. I just got back from L.A.

JENNYFAX top; MIU MIU skirt, briefs, and belt; VIVIENNE WESTWOOD vintage veil; I need in my life.Hstylist’s own tights; YVES SAINT LAURENT vintage shoes courtesy of Mahna Mahna Tokyo.

“I’m not going to separate my work and private life. It has to be a good time, work or not.”


NR: What did you read on the plane?

KM: I was reading this manga by the guy who wrote Astro Boy, Osamu Te-zuka. He just passed away. It’s four short stories in one manga. It’s kind of like a rare book. What’s your favorite manga? Oh, definitely Osamu Tezuka’s “Phoenix.” It’s like my bible. It’s such a deep book, it’s about like reincarnation, but it’s more than that. It’s kind of Buddhist. Every book has a phoenix that appears but the era changes and it’s all about like how people react to the phoenix. Humans are very greedy. Also, “Nausicaä of The Wind of the Valley.” It’s a Hayao Mizayaki manga. The manga has maybe seven books. Nausicaä’s cool because she doesn’t really judge people and she will say, like, “Actually, darkness is also inside of me, so I accept the darkness.” Her emotions are really complicated. But she accepts the light and the dark. It’s what I need in my life. 

JUNYA WATANABE dress; stylist’s own tights and pearl necklaces; VIVIENNE WESTWOOD vintage veil and shoes.On Yuka: JENNYFAX dress and top; stylist’s own socks; UNDERCOVER shoes.

NOIR KEI NINOMIYA sweater; ANS DOTSLOEVNER skirt; VIVIENNE WESTWOODvintage veil; stylist’s own tights and socks; MANOLO BLAHNIK shoes.

ANA YAGI dress; VIVIENNE WESTWOOD vintage veil.


 "Tokyo Heartbreak" by Monika Mogi in HommeGirls Volume 9




Published May 2023 for HommeGirls Volume 9