Stella Says...

Stella Says...

HommeGirls' very own Fashion Director, Stella Greenspan, gives us 7 takes on the Aritzia Effortless Pant.

The HG Edit
The HG Edit
Photography Tom Kneller
Styling Stella Greenspan
All clothing and accessories by Aritzia, stylist's own shoes.

For HommeGirls fashion director Stella Greenspan, a great look is all in the proportions. Part of that is because at 6’1”, she is hyper-attuned to pant lengths, sleeve lengths, and how clothes fit, drape, fall and hang generally speaking. (Her work look is a loose, hip-slung trouser and shrunken baby tee.) But beyond that, when it comes to tailoring (a HommeGirls essential), she says, “If the fit is perfect, it really changes everything.” Here, Stella answers your toughest style questions with a HommeGirls how-to in seven Effortless Pant looks. 

Dear Stella, now that I no longer do the 9-5 grind, how do I make my favorite suit, well, you know, less suity?

SG: Suits are way more versatile than we give them credit for. A cropped tee and sneakers take this one down a notch.


Dear Stella, Tube socks? Or Tube top? (Or both?????)

SG: Um, both! Why hold back?

Dear Stella, How can I make my go-to skirt-and-top more HommeGirly? 

SG: Try playing around with the top – I’ve layered two here – and add a super classic belt.


Dear Stella, I could literally wear a hoodie 24/7. Any tips for changing it up?

SG: Worn over a crisp denim shirt, this hoodie almost has the presence of a tailored jacket. Love that.



Dear Stella, Boxers or briefs? 

SG: Totally your call. Either one brings a touch of HommeGirliness peeking out of the waistband of a tailored pant. 


Dear Stella, Can I pull off short shorts — and still look chic and pulled together?

SG: Absolutely. Here, the tailored jacket elevates everything.

Dear Stella, Not a question but I love your look!

SG: Thank you, this is pretty much how I dress for work every day.



Makeup Rose Grace
Hair Nero
Set Design Michael Newton
Casting The Establishment
Production Starkman & Associates


June 2024