HG 101

HG 101

Back to basics, but make it HommeGirls. A primer for fall featuring our crew of creatives and staples from Amiri.

Volume 8
Volume 8

Photography Lucka Ngô    
Styling Mellany Sanchez 
Story by Liana Statenstein


The women at this HommeGirls shoot all give a certain oomph. There’s the stylist Mellany Sanchez, the photographer Lucka Ngô, chef Tara Thomas, and me. We are all being photographed by Lucka—who will eventually take her own portrait—and styled by Mellany in the new Amiri womenswear collection—mixed with some of our own pieces. 

The clothes are great. Stellar even. A hulking shearling-lined leather bomber. Low-slung tubular cargos. An oversized blazer. The ultimate coat. No nonsense sneakers that feel like you’re slipping your foot into an haute marshmallow. 

Plus, I’m surrounded by these amazing women. Lately, I’ve realized that there are so many people who talk about ideas. To start a business. Design a bag. Quit a job and travel somewhere. There’s an idea for everything. And then it’s just a lot of, well, talk. Oy. It’s a Sisyphean nightmare of perpetual planning. But today, the attitude about doing things feels different. This crew is made up of women who are constantly launching, finishing, and developing projects. Just a few weeks ago Mellany threw the most epic party titled “Aqui me quedo” (translation: “Here, I’ll stay”) to celebrate her community. Lucka has been constantly finding amazing subjects for her ongoing series “Women Portraits”. Tara hosted a dinner to benefit the youth program at the Phoenix Community Garden, which she has been supporting since 2021. I love that saucy attitude of people who put their money where their mouth is—and each of these women does just that. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that this shoot is as much about Amiri, as it is about us and how we would wear these clothes IRL. 

If I could, I’d take the Amiri goods home.


Liana Statenstein

Best T-shirt. “HBO ‘Taxicab Confessions’ crew merch, a Have Heart shirt, and a Fashion Cafe baby tee.”


On Liana: AMIRI shearling bomber jacket and wide cargo pants; model’s own jersey and jewelry.


Lucka Ngô

Favorite zodiac traits. “Ambitious, adventurous and independent.”


On Lucka: AMIRI oversized blazermodel’s own tights.


Mellany Sanchez

Friday look. “I’m looking for the perfect pair of chinos to pair with vicuña knits and a silver watch this Fall.”


On Mellany: AMIRI baby calf loose straight cargo pantsstylist’s own sweatshirt, jewelry, and shoes.


Tara Thomas

Your personal soundtrack. “My personal sound track, tbh, the Fannypack album. So Stylistic. Extremely nostalgic!”


On Tara: AMIRI oversized blazer and lamb leather flare cargo pants; model’s own top and jewelry.


Makeup Sena Murahashi
Hair Tsuki
Production Starkman & Associates